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Why Guide Hustle?

Pay Less Tax

We'll identify tax deductions and credits, optimise your tax strategy, and ensure your only pay what you have to.

Free Accounting Software

All our clients get Xero software absolutely free.

Free A2X/Link My Books Setup

We help you set up your integration software and not charge you a penny.

eCommerce Reporting & Analysis

Product Profitability

Are some of your products more profitable than others? Should you drop some products? How profitable would your new product be? We can give you the answers!

Inventory Management

With our data-driven approach, we can help you optimize your inventory management and increase profits. We know that an efficient system is key for any business looking to be successful!

KPI & Financial Analysis

We believe in the power of data and we're committed to providing you with reports that will help your business thrive. With our expertise, we can compare your eCommerce KPIs against your actual finance performance. See your company in a whole new light!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry, we can assess your business and provide you with recommendations.

Well, we can accommodate to your needs. Some reporting for a start-up would take a lot less time than an established company with multiple income streams and +100 products. It’s best to book in a call and we can go from there.

Like a gymnast! We can spread the cost monthly, quarterly, or based on % of work completed. We do require an upfront payment whether it’s a deposit or your first month’s fee.

You’ll likely have a discovery call with the Guide Hustle founder, Sam. He’ll scope out the project and be able to give you your pricing. After that Sam and his expert Excel modeller will get to work!

No, but you probably should. We recommend all eCommerce businesses to invest in Xero or Quickbooks. From there we can delve into your numbers, extract what we need and produce your reports.

It’s literally what we were born to do! Hell yeah!

It all depends on your requirements and how up-to-date your bookkeeping is. When we give you your quote we’ll also give you an estimated deadline.