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Tax Preparation & Advisory Services for eCommerce Businesses


Why Guide Hustle eCommerce Tax Services?

1Customised Tax Strategies

Every eCommerce business is unique. We recognise this and tailor our approach accordingly. From VAT to corporation tax, we’ll ensure you’re leveraging every opportunity in the tax landscape.

2Ecommerce-Specific Expertise

We understand the unique tax challenges eCommerce businesses face. That’s why we go beyond the generic and offer sector-specific guidance, saving you money and making sure you’re fully compliant.

3Tax Planning & Filing

We do more than just calculate your tax liability. We’ll help you plan ahead, ensuring you understand when and how much you need to pay, and we’ll handle all your filing needs.

4Global Reach

Expanding overseas? We understand the complexity of international tax laws. We’ll help you navigate cross-border taxation and ensure your business is compliant everywhere it operates.

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What does our eCommerce Tax Service include?

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1. VAT Management

We don’t just submit VAT returns; we provide a comprehensive VAT management service. From navigating complex VAT issues like distance selling thresholds and MOSS to dealing with VAT on international sales and imports, we’ve got you covered. We also ensure accuracy in your VAT calculations, timely submissions, and provide ongoing VAT advice and support.

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2. Corporation Tax Filing & Planning

Our tax filing service isn’t just about ticking boxes. We provide a detailed review of your financials to ensure all allowable expenses are claimed and all tax-saving opportunities are maximised. We prepare and file your corporation tax return in compliance with the latest tax laws. Furthermore, we provide tax planning services to help you manage future tax liabilities, optimise cash flows and plan for business growth.

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3. International Taxation

Whether you’re thinking about expanding overseas or are already selling internationally, we’ll help you navigate the maze of international tax laws. Our services include understanding and applying tax treaties, managing tax implications of international sales and operations, advising on transfer pricing issues and compliance with tax laws in different jurisdictions.

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4. Tax Advisory

We provide proactive, strategic tax advice tailored to your eCommerce business. This can involve advising on the tax implications of business decisions, assessing the tax impact of different business structures, helping with tax-efficient profit extraction, and advising on tax reliefs and incentives relevant to eCommerce businesses.

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5. Dispute Resolution

If you ever find yourself in a tax dispute, we’ll be there to support and represent you. We can help you communicate with tax authorities, prepare your case, negotiate settlements, and if necessary, represent you in tribunals. We aim to minimise the stress, time and cost involved in tax disputes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of eCommerce businesses does Guide Hustle work with?

We work with a wide range of eCommerce businesses, from startups to established companies, across various product categories.

2. How much are your tax services?

It depends on what you need from us. We are also flexible to suit your requirements.Our tax filing services are usually billed monthly whilst our other tax services are more ad hoc and usually incur an up-front deposit.

3. What does your eCommerce tax service include?

Our service includes tax planning and strategy, VAT compliance, international tax laws navigation, tax deduction optimisation, and more.

4. How can tax planning help my eCommerce business?

Strategic tax planning can help identify potential tax savings, improve cash flow, and ensure compliance, thereby aiding the overall growth of your eCommerce business.

5. What is VAT compliance and why is it important for my eCommerce business?

VAT compliance refers to fulfilling the VAT obligations applicable to your eCommerce business. Non-compliance can lead to penalties and harm your business reputation.

6. Can Guide Hustle help with my eCommerce business’s tax deductions?

Yes, we provide strategic advice on tax deductions to help maximise your savings and optimise your business’s profitability.

7. Do I need an eCommerce tax service if I'm a small online seller?

Even small sellers can benefit from tax services, as it can help ensure tax compliance, identify savings, and provide a solid foundation for future growth.

8. How can Guide Hustle optimise my tax strategy for my eCommerce business?

We optimise your tax strategy by understanding your business model, identifying applicable tax laws, strategising tax deductions, and planning for future tax implications.

9. How will Guide Hustle keep my eCommerce business updated with tax law changes?

Our team stays current with tax law changes, both domestic and international, to ensure your eCommerce business remains compliant and capitalises on any new opportunities.

10. How do I start using Guide Hustle's eCommerce tax services?

Getting started is easy. Just contact us through our website or give us a call. We’ll discuss your business’s needs and how our services can help you.